3 Hours tour visit includes a visit to the barn, milking area & creamery with a brief description of cheese, milk, and butter production. You will have a chance to taste our best sheep cheeses, fresh or aged, flavoured with spices and herbs. Cheeses are wonderfully complemented with Honey and Jams from Honey Creations. The Lamb Charcuterie Platter served with Olives from Acropolis Organics. Crackers and Pita bread from Balkan bakery. Also, you will try all of our Fresh Dairy products: Kefir, Baked Milk Yogurt, regular Yogurt, etc. You will have the opportunity to buy our products directly at the Farm, and First-time visitors will have a special coupon of 10% off for all of our products. Our famous Gelato Alla Crema, Sorbet, and Semifreddo, if you still have the room, are available (priced separately).


All of our Sheep Milk Cheeses are KEFIR Cheese. What does it mean? Kefir is a perfect fermentation culture - used for centuries by cheese-makers. The biodiversity in Kefir is its strength, contributing to the unique natural quality, health benefits, taste & flavor in Kefir cheeses!!! We are using our high-quality milk. Fresh. Natural. Unprocessed. Exclusively from pastured, grass-fed animals. To make great cheese, the process of natural fermentation must occur. One of the most significant components in milk is a diverse population of beneficial bacterial cultures that help to transform fresh milk into fermented milk. We are unique KEFIR CHEESE producers in Canada, and we are using this method so our customers can have the healthiest wide range of cheeses available in Canada.


You will meet and greet some of our happy sheep on the pasture fields (we have over 400 sheep). Also, we have 100 hens, a few guinea hens, and Llama named Lawrence!! You will visit a barn (mind the odor) and the milking house. In the afternoon tour, an option to see the milking process. Then, you will visit the Cheese Production (Creamery) and Cheese Aging Room (our sacred place). Our lush pastures are for haylage in the summer and grazing habitats for our sheep and lambs. The smell of freshly mowed hay fills the midsummer nights. The first cut comes in early summer and is always the best. The sweet smell of hay stirs good memories of lovely, pungent, warm, inviting, relaxing summer. It's all of this and so much more. Farming happens rain or shine, so as for Farm Tour! Please dress accordingly. For an all-day "private tour," you will have access to the lake, where you can swim and relax on the small private beach with a small bout. The Wilcox is a pristine, quiet lake just about 20-30 minutes beautiful walk from the barn.


We are an organically managed Family-Run Farm, located in Grey Highlands County North-West Ontario, 140 km from Toronto. We are farmstead sheep’s milk dairy producers, specializing in various artisanal Kefir Cheeses, delicious Dairy, gourmet Lamb, and Lamb Charcuteries. Press here to see our selection in ‘products’ menu! All of our 400 sheep are purebred East Friesian, originated in Northern Germany, and are one of the best dairy breeds. When fed a high-quality diet, as ours are, their milk is sweet and extremely high in protein.

For more information about the booking please call Tatyana (416) 598-2624 or email us farm@secretlands.ca


The tallest waterfall in the area falls from the edge of the Niagara Escarpment 30 metres to the bottom of the cuckoo valley. This was discovered in 1852 where Eugenia Falls was the scene of “Fools Gold” rush. Later it became the location of five mills and a small private electric plant and by 1905, was the chosen site of the second hydroelectric plant in Ontario. In 1915, Ontario Hydro moved the plant to the north and created Lake Eugenia, allowing more control over the water levels. The waterfall was called Eugenia following a suggestion from some ex-soldiers of the French Army (Crimean War) working with Charles Rankin surveying the former Artemesia Township. They suggested that the waterfall be named after Princess Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III.


Some historical data about our County The first settlers of the Grey Highlands are from 1840. Grey Highlands were not always as described above. The various Ice Ages came and went, the last ending perhaps as recently as about 12.000 years ago. The resulting tree-less, tundra-like barren lands, subject to the fierce weathering storms, evidently had no attraction for the earliest Paleo-Indian hunters. Some artifacts from 10.000 years ago found in Flesherton are now located in the Royal Ontario Museum collection.