We have a new home in the Junction Triangle! Please visit us at 1595 Dupont Street on any day of the week from 10 am – 7 pm. At our storefront you will be able to try and buy from our usual stellar collection of small-batch cheeses and meats. We also have a curated selection of food products including:

  • Buckwheat and gluten-free crepes with ricotta cream and honey
  • Traditional Georgian soup made with lamb broth, with rice, vegetables, garlic, and hot peppers (Kharcho)
  • Lamb-filled pastries (Belyashi)
  • Dumplings filled with lamb and onion (Chuchvara)
  • Housemade local sauerkraut
  • Traditional Georgian-style chicken and walnuts (Satsivi)
  • Pecorino-chocolate truffles (with ginger; with coffee; with mint; with cayenne)
  • Sheep’s milk hot chocolate

We’d love to chat, share food and joy, and welcome you into our new home.